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You can tell by her intonation that she lived in a Spanish speaking country when she was young. Bernard said you spoke French.

I didn't see Vivek on Monday. She has a few pen pals. This watch is twice as expensive as that one.

Lindsey doesn't seem very surprised. Bring me a dry towel.

Sanjeev saw three young boys looking at his car. Give me a glass of water, please. She laid the paper out on the table. He hopes that something interesting happens. I'd like to see you at 2:30.

Sri peeled the banana and ate it. You can identify children's voices without any problem. He protested against the new plan. I'm willing to quit if you want me to.

Let's go to the mall tonight. The man ate bread. A guard is outside. Magnus doesn't want them. You're a good soldier.

You accept Keith's checks, so why don't you accept mine? That day shall come. He displayed a great deal of patience. I just got married. Russia signed its own peace treaty with Germany. I thought you might be upset. Those four words carried not only a lot of complex information, but also the persuasive force of a proverb. She's wearing hair curlers.

Why are you here in Boston? You're supposed to be in Chicago, aren't you? I figured you wouldn't want to drink coffee so late at night. Val didn't even show up. I met up with Marsh earlier today. Illness cut short his vacation.

I have an ear infection. It's not quite as bad as it sounds. What a bad movie! Sheila failed to do that. I prefer a ready-made suit.

Don't blame the messenger. I asked Kamiya for his keys. You're asking the wrong question. He doesn't live far away. Vance is getting Duncan a cup of tea. She worked hard in order to save money. Dan often borrowed money from his friends. "Smoke weed every day"-themed remixes are very popular around the web. What were Joni's complaints?

We're already too late. I've heard Randell is really cute. The writer is bringing out a new book next month.

He derived great benefit from the book. Laurel is good at everything he does. I want Nino to win. The three were arrested. The agreement gave Britain control over Egypt. There will be a full moon tonight.

The Mona Lisa is smaller than I thought. Brenda is next in line.

Take me home immediately. It is by this reason that he left school. Nothing is more important than time. A leak has been found at Tokyo Electricity's Fukishima reactor number 1, and 150 liters of waters have escaped into the sea. This isn't a good sign. Try to do your best. How much is the rent for this room? You have washed the laundry. Do you think I care what you think of me? Harvey is the lead singer.